Dining Area Wall Art 4 - DXF Download


Dining Area Wall Art 4 - DXF Download

Leave behind the world of flat paintings to explore a more dynamic approach to wall art. Your customers will surely love these amazing dining area metal wall designs!

Minimum cut size: Approximately 74.2 x 24.1 inches 

Please download a sample DXF file to see if it works with your software before purchasing. If the import contains broken lines, please email support@dragondxf.com with the software you are using (i.e. Sheetcam, AutoCad, Fusion 360, etc), the version of the software (i.e. v.1.2.0), and the year your version came out.

When we receive the email, we will convert the file for you and update our files in the database to include dxf files that work for all systems. We guarantee it.

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